Finding Community

Started research into SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) last night, joining a voice chat on Transvengers Discord. It’s actually amazing how […]

459 days since starting HRT

459 fays since starting #HRT and you’d believe new milestones are done. But the journey is slow and tedious at the best […]

I got vaccinated!

#igotvacinnated first jab of the pfizer vaccine done!!! @discovery_sa site at Gallager is amazing, professional, organized, and quick. Minimal side effects for me […]

New baba

New baba. Isnt she gorg!!Drove 3 hours to got pick her up yesterday. And then 3 hours back home. Trust […]

Life is slowly returning to normal

Life is slowly returning to normal for me. Battling covid was tough, and although there are some lasting issues with […]

The 3rd wave got me

And … it got me. The 3rd wave got me. Well, I guess playing hide and seek with COVID was […]


My dad is not a person of many words, so when he does send you something on WhatsApp, you sit […]

Art and wine?!

My built-in bar is playing host a collection of paintings this month. But the wine 🍷 is nearby. This is […]

Looking back at 2019

2019, a month prior to coming out, and a month before my second attempt to end my life. Looking back […]

Supersized Gorgeousness

It’s not often that I attend big functions. As far as I have progressed on my journey of acceptance, confidence […]

Let’s talk Pronouns

pronoun /ˈprəʊnaʊn/ noun plural noun: pronouns a word that can function as a noun phrase used by itself and that […]

Let’s talk Demi.

We’ve talked Demisexual before, but I wanted to branch out to the other (even lesser known) Demi’s out there. There’s […]

Let’s talk Purpose.

Operation: Iris is back today! 💕🌈🌸 We talked about a lot in the last Operation: Iris post. So much so […]