Life is slowly returning to normal

Life is slowly returning to normal for me. Battling covid was tough, and although there are some lasting issues with breathing and fatigue, I’m back at work this week finding my feet.

Winter is not helping though. The cold temperatures are not aiding the healing process, but this too shall pass.

During this time our little miniature Doberman also died. This was a sad day for both of us, but at age 17 she was old and her health was failing. I’m glad in a way that her suffering has ended.

The search has started for a new little bundle of joy to complete our trio, and although we have already been scammed once by fake breeders and lost a good portion of our savings, we have not lost hope, and busy finalizing a deal with a friend of a friend this week, which should see us taking delivery next weekend. I’m so excited.

Stay safe out there!!


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers I am a 45yo transgender woman (HRT) documenting my journey, and sharing the tips that worked for me to date.

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