I got vaccinated!

#igotvacinnated first jab of the pfizer vaccine done!!! @discovery_sa site at Gallager is amazing, professional, organized, and quick.

Minimal side effects for me since Sunday. Mostly mild fluish symptoms, and a sore arm. But even this is already disappearing.

I was worried to go as my true self. But even that didn’t phase any of the staff. They treated me with utmost respect and continued to call me mam even though the ID details they kept calling up at each checkpoint said otherwise. No stares. No backward glances.

It was such an affirming experience that had me euphoric right into Monday for #womansday2021

I’m loving my life right now!!!


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers I am a 45yo transgender woman (HRT) documenting my journey, and sharing the tips that worked for me to date.

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