Reclaim your power

There be good days
And there be bad days,
Only thing you need deciding
Is how many of them good days you wanting
For them bad days, are entirely under your control
How we process the world around us, how we react, how we choose to show ourselves is all in our control.

Yes external factors will try to disarm us, harm us, try to even destroy us. And for a short time they might even succeed. But we will get up, and we will change that narrative to suit our path. And we will be stronger. And a bad day in history will be rewritten as a good day in our rebirth.

Pick your good days. Rewrite the bad ones. Reclaim your power.


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers I am a 45yo transgender woman (HRT) documenting my journey, and sharing the tips that worked for me to date.

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