Silence is golden … or is it?

I am not an activist. I literally avoid topics that may cause someone to object or lash out. And thus I never express my own opinion on critical issues. I tell myself it’s because I’m better as a listener. Let other people express themselves and just listen and absorb.

Truth is. I’m weak. Whenever I have tried in the past the voice my own opinions on issues I have always found myself being talked over by counter opinions, which then leaves me frustrated, demotivated and depressed. Like I was not being heard or that my point was not being considered. And thus I would back off and allow my voice to be silenced.

I have allowed society to silence me on critical issues, and focused on positive affirmations instead, telling myself it’s better this way.

Even now, transitioning I’m silent. Even now while the world is burning with BLACKLIVESMATTER and anti-trans sentiments from JK … I’m silent.

Does it mean I don’t care? I DO CARE! I just don’t believe my voice would make a difference. I do not believe there is a way to express one self anymore without someone somewhere taking personal offense. We have become so diverse as a species that it is near impossible to take every feeling and every opinion into account and say something that won’t hurt someone. So I remain silent. And no doubt I’ve already upset someone somewhere about something. And for that I’m already sorry and devastated.

So my only thought now … I’m thinking of all of you. I’m listening silently. And I’m praying that one day mankind will find a way to live in true peace with one another regardless of personal opinions, gender, race, class, privilege, faith, sexual orientation etc. Until then … be strong. Be loved. Be true to yourself. ❤️


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers I am a 45yo transgender woman (HRT) documenting my journey, and sharing the tips that worked for me to date.

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