Day 662 – New Milestone

Days since birth: 16417
Days since coming out: 662
Days on HRT: 120
Days until next birthday: 20

After 120 days on HRT, I had a checkup with my Dr. today to check hormone levels after my recent blood test (E2 = 329 pmol/L Free Testosterone = 164 pmol/L). Ultimately she is happy with progress, but says the levels can be better. So we doubling the dose. So moving from Estrofem 2mg to 4mg, and Spiractin 50mg to 100mg. I am not chasing a specific level, but let’s get it a bit higher, right?  She was ultimately extremely happy with progress, and blown away that I have not had mood swings or weird emotional episodes.  In fact, as validated by my spouse, I have actually calmed down since going on HRT.  Ultimately I think the time I spent in mental and social transition was extremely valuable, prior to starting HRT.

And as a bonus, she handed me my first letter, which would allow me to apply for the amendment of my gender marker on my Identification Documents.  YASS!!
The second letter should be a breeze to get.  And then I have to wait … because lockdown restrictions prevent me from starting the application process at this time.  ARGH!!

Mentally this is a big milestone for me.  Not that I need to validate my existence as a woman, but having my documents correctly gendered with the correct name, does make life easier in many respects.  I cringe every time I have to show someone my current ID for any reason, whether it be a security checkpoint, access to the office, or whatever.  And let us not even talk about the basic human need to pee in a space where it is safe, as currently my office won’t allow me access to the women’s restrooms, and i’m not welcome in the men’s, I currently have to walk down to the ground level to use a disabled single-occupancy toilet.  Having the correct ID would allow me to fight this at long last.  I just wanna pee in peace.

Anyway.  Like I said.  Milestone.
Be safe out there, and chat soon!


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers I am a 45yo transgender woman (HRT) documenting my journey, and sharing the tips that worked for me to date.

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