Operation: Iris (Agender)

It’s safe to say that most of us have a basic understanding of the four letters than in “LGBT”. But what about the other sexual and gender identities that help make up the community?

You may have heard the term “Asexual” (having no sexual attraction), but what about “Agender”? A person who is Agender doesn’t fall into any category of “gender”. The most common pronouns for an Agender individual are “they/them”. Also, any gendered phrases, such as, “yeah, man” “thanks, hun” or “dude” may trigger dysphoria in Agender individuals.

So what’s the difference between Non-Binary, Androgyny, and Agender? Non-Binary is an umbrella term meaning anyone who fits outside of the typical “male/female” genders. Androgyny is typically used as a term to describe looking neither male/female and is not typically used as a gender identity. Whereas Agender is a gender identity meaning “no gender” and falls under the Non-Binary umbrella. ☂

Did you like this? Did it help you? Are you agender? Let me know in the comments/messages!

Also, if this interested you, I highly recommend checking out @ashhardell‘s book “The ABC’s and LGBT+” ! 💕🌈🌸

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